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The future of India-EU relations

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Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi is a Visiting Fellow at ORF. She is also a 2021 Indo-Pacific Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre. Her work focuses on connectivity in the Indo-Pacific —particularly infrastructure

Swati Arjun

Swati is a Digital Editor at ORF. She is responsible for ORF’s publications in both English and Hindi.

Preeti Kapuria

Preeti Kapuria is currently a Fellow at ORF Kolkata with research interests in the area of environment, development and agriculture. The approach is to understand the linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem

Roshan Saha

Roshan Saha is a Junior Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Kolkata under the Economy and Growth programme. His primary interest is in international and development economics. He has previously worked

Suyash Das

Suyash Das is Research Assistant with the Economy and Growth Programme at ORF Kolkata. He works on the broad themes of the domestic economy, international relations, economic sociology and gender,