ORF Internship Programme

In an effort to diversify the policy space, provide on-the-job experience, and promote thought leadership, ORF offers internships to young scholars and students from diverse backgrounds, to work with various ORF centres, programmes and initiatives. Interns engage with a variety of tasks that reflect the organisation’s functions to support the centre, programme or initiative that they have been assigned to.

Selected candidates are attached to specific supervisors across ORF’s research, communications, and forums structure with expertise in verticals compatible with the former’s inclinations. Interns are expected to work on and author an independent research article (of 800-1500 words) under the mentorship of their assigned supervisor, which will later be published under their name if it passes ORF’s editorial and review process.

Interns will work out of the ORF offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. This is a physical and full time internship.

Candidates are required to apply for an internship 30 days before their intended starting date.

Application Process

  1. Interested applicants would be required to share their CV, a letter of intent, and a sample of their research writing (of about 800 words) with [email protected]
  2. Internships are full time in nature for a minimum duration of three months. Applicants must specify their intended starting date, and list out three programmes/initiatives they are interested in, as well as their preferred office (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata) in their letter of intent. They may refer to the ORF website at https://www.orfonline.org/ for the list of programmes/centres.

ORF-Internship Programme