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Anulekha Nandi is a Fellow at ORF. Her primary area of research includes technology policy and digital innovation policy and management. She also works in technology for socio-economic development and humanitarian management.

Anulekha has worked across research, policy, and practice in ICT4D (information and communication technologies for development) and digital rights in India. She has worked on issues around content policy, data rights for communities, and the use of automated technologies in development among others. She has also advised on the evaluation and learning for community-based ICT4D projects. She was her organisational representative for the United Nations Secretary General's High-Level Panel for Digital Cooperation and the Global Network Initiative. Her prior experience includes a range of issues in the digital policy domain including corporate accountability, online child protection, digitisation of public services and access to social protection, data for development, digital infrastructures and economy among others. She has recently submitted her PhD thesis on complex digital innovation management to the Department of Management, Information Systems and Innovation, London School of Economics. 


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