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Rumi Aijaz is Senior Fellow at ORF where he is responsible for the conduct of the Urban Policy Research Initiative. He conceived and designed the programme in 2007. Since then the programme has grown and gained recognition both in India and abroad.

Rumi's effort has been to build a better understanding of urban issues and produce new and correct knowledge for managing urban growth. Collaborative studies on multifaceted challenges are being conducted and roundtable discussions on cross-cutting themes organised.

Leading publishers and the media have accepted his writings and views. The titles of his authored / edited books are: (1) India’s Urbanisation Experiences (2015); (2) Promoting Democracy for a Better and Peaceful World: Regional, National and Local Perspectives (ed., 2015); (3) Transportation Sector in India and EU: Problems, Prospects and Opportunities for Development (ed., 2014); (4) Global Urbanisation Experiences (ed., 2013); (5) Public Health Concerns and Reforms: Perceptions of the Civil Society (ed., 2013); and (6) Democracy and Urban Governance in India (2012).

His research articles published in Indian and foreign journals cover a wide range of topics. His recent publications include: (1) "India’s Smart Cities Mission: An Assessment" (2015); (2) "Social Marginalisation in Urban India and the Role of the State" (2015); (3) "Water for Indian Cities: Government Practices and Policy Concerns" (2010); (4) "Capacity Building of Municipal Functionaries for Good Governance in Uttarakhand, India" (2010); and (5) "Form of Urban Local Government in India" (2008).

  • Senior Fellow, ORF Urban Policy Research Initiative
  • Associate Member, Institute of Town Planners, India

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