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In Conversation — The Black Box

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Abhijit Singh

A former naval officer, Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow, heads the Maritime Policy Initiative at ORF. A maritime professional with specialist and command experience in front-line Indian naval ships, he has been involved

Aniket Singh

Aniket Singh is Research Assistant to N.K. Singh, Chairman of the Fifteenth Finance Commission.

J. M. Mauskar

Spending more than 34 years as a Public Servant as an officer of the Indian Administrative Service he has had ’hands on’ experience of International Trade, Investment Promotion, Overseas Investments, International Contracts,

Nilesh Bane

Nilesh Bane is a research fellow at ORF’s Mumbai Centre. He steers research activities of ORF’s Maharashtra Adhyayan Kendra in Marathi language. Currently, he is working on a development project

Ananyashree Gupta

Ananyashree Gupta is a Research Assistant with the Centre for Economy & Growth, Delhi.