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Raghu Raman

Raghu has possibly one of the most unique career profiles spanning over 25 years. He spent eleven years as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces, followed by another eleven years in

Sabrina Korreck

Dr. Sabrina Korreck is a Senior Fellow at Observer Research Foundation. Her research focuses on the digital economy and she tracks developments in startup ecosystems, particularly in South Asia and Europe.

Jaibal Naduvath

Jaibal is a communication professional, and, in a career spanning close to two decades, has aided corporations better align their public persona to their core purpose for better business results. He is

Atul Chandra

Mr Atul Chandra, a Petroleum Engineer, joined India’s National Oil Company, ONGC and reached the board level at a very young age. Besides managing oil field operations and establishing a technical research

Meher Ahmed

Meher Ahmed is Media and Communications Manager at ORF. Meher leads communications strategy for all domains of media as well as events.