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In Conversation — The Black Box

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Jaibal Naduvath

Jaibal is a communication professional, and, in a career spanning close to two decades, has aided corporations better align their public persona to their core purpose for better business results. He is

Rajan Gupta

Dr. Rajan Gupta is a theoretical physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a Laboratory fellow. He obtained his Masters in Physics from Delhi University, India, and earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical

Shruti Jain

Shruti Jain is a Junior Fellow with ORF’s Centre for New Economic Diplomacy (CNED). Her areas of interest include inclusive growth and development, development co-operation, gender issues and the Indian economy.

Nisha Holla

Nisha Holla is Visiting Fellow at ORF, where she writes on ideas and shifts at the intersection of technology, economics and policy. She tracks the impact of technology on democratising