Udayvir Ahuja is a Programme Coordinator for the Strategic Studies Program, where, beyond operational aspects, he engages in writing and researching on contemporary subjects within the realms of international law, geopolitics, and international relations.

He has previously worked as the Staff Officer to the Director General’s Office, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and prior to that, as a Legislative Assistant to the Member of Parliament (LAMP) Fellow. Udayvir has also worked as a civil and criminal lawyer in Delhi. 

He has completed his legal education from the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. 

List of Publications

1. Ahuja, U. (2021, November 16). “China resorts to lawfare: A new maritime policy”. Observer Researcher Foundation (ORF). Available at: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/china-resorts- to-lawfare-a-new-maritime-policy/
2. Ahuja, U. (2021, December 27). “Space: The militarised global common”. Observer Researcher Foundation (ORF). Available at: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/space-the-militarised- global-common/
3. Ahuja, U. (2021, December 15). “India’s space revolution”. Observer Researcher Foundation (ORF). Available at: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/indias-space-revolution/
4. Ahuja, U. (2021, November 18). “China’s new border law: A concern for India”. Observer Researcher Foundation (ORF). Available at: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/chinas-new- border-law/
5. Ahuja, U. (2022, January 7). “UNSC and Taliban: A new relationship”. Observer Researcher Foundation (ORF). Available at: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/unsc-and-taliban-a-new- relationship/
6. Ahuja, Udayvir (2020, September). “Rise of e-sports in India and need for regulations”. Corpus Jurus, the Law Journal. Available at: https://corpusjuris.co.in/publications

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