Trends in Russia-China Relations: Implications for India

International Affairs

The Chinese great leap that is leaving India further behind

International Affairs

A new turn for BCIM?

Regional Integration

Asia with Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Developing and Emerging Economies

Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean: Are they a real threat?

Defence and Security

A geoeconomic strategy for the new normal

Great Power Dynamics

NSG: Now Delhi’s foreign policy must change

Great Power Dynamics

Can India counter China’s submarine force?

Maritime Security

NSG fiasco: The Kautilyan lessons government needs to learn

Great Power Dynamics

Engage the dragon on Balochistan

International Affairs

Post-2015 military spending and economic growth in China

Economics and Finance

Xi Jinping and PLA reform

International Affairs

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Kartik Bommakanti

Kartik Bommakanti is an Associate Fellow with the Strategic Studies Programme at the ORF. He is currently working on a project centered on India’s Space Military Strategy vis-à-vis China. Bommakanti

Sean Kanuck

Sean Kanuck is Distinguished Fellow at ORF. As a globally recognised cyber expert, he advises governments, corporations, law firms, and entrepreneurs on the nexus between technology, law, and security.

Yogesh Joshi

Yogesh Joshi is an associate fellow at the ORF’s Strategic Studies Program. His research at ORF looks at how India’s nuclear policy interacts with its foreign policy. His research interests

Max Abrahms

Dr. Max Abrahms is a professor of political science and public policy at Northeastern University. He researches on terrorism and counterterrorism.

Vivek Lall

Dr. Vivek Lall is a Distinguished Fellow at ORF. He was appointed President and CEO at Reliance Industries Limited in the Chairman’s Office to spearhead growth in New Ventures in April 2011.