Russia and Eurasia

Trends in Russia-China Relations: Implications for India

International Affairs

Building new alliances with BRICS

International Affairs

Abe’s Russia plan: Will it work?

International Affairs

Old allies must talk of their new friends

International Affairs

#SouthChinaSea verdict: Not just China, the world’s in deep water

Defence and Security
Arbitration,BRICS 2016,Litigation

A BRICS-only arbitration forum will not be the panacea imagined

BRICS 2016,New Development Bank

‘BRICS’ to rebuild the house


Money matters: Discussing the economics of the INSTC

Economic Diplomacy

Russia’s economy needs structural reform

Economics and Finance

Russia’s Demographic trajectory: dimensions and implications

International Affairs
BRICS 2016,BRICS Declaration,India-Russia

Troubled partnership


Turkey, Syria, and the Islamic State

International Affairs
Brazil,BRICS 2016,China,India,Russia,Smart Cities,South Africa

BRICS cities require smart policy solutions


    Modelling escalation of the Russia-Turkey conflict

    International Affairs

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