Vikrom Mathur

Program Head

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Vikrom Mathur has 15 years of professional experience, straddling research and policy advice, at the interface of social and environmental change. His diverse research interests include: political, cultural and social influences on the production and use of scientific knowledge about nature/environment; dynamics between science and public policy (e.g., in the context of climate change); social and cultural determinants of technological change; governance of emerging technologies; governance of transboundary natural resources; and Cultural Theory.

Vikrom received his PhD from Oxford University, Institute for Science, Society and Innovation (2011). The focus of his research was on institutional frameworks for climate adaptation decision making around the Tonle Sap Lake of Cambodia. His research explores how 'myths of nature' frame plural narratives about adaptation to climate change in Cambodia. As researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) for 15 years (1997 to 2012), he initiated and directed numerous research and consultancy projects in over ten different countries. He led the establishment of SEI's Asia Centre in Thailand. He also led the development of a Strategic Environmental Framework for the Asian Development Bank's programme for economic integration in the Mekong. He led the establishment of a collaborative research and knowledge network in the Mekong region (SUMERNET). He is among the lead authors of the vulnerability chapter of United Nations Environment Programs Global Environmental Outlook 2004.

Vikrom received his Bachelors in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from McGill University, Canada, and Masters in Regional Planning from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.


Complex environment, development and sustainability policy challenges.

Current Position(s)

He is Program Head at ORF.