Draft water bills: Address gaps through comprehensive research agenda

While forwarding integrated river basin management agenda, it is important that the various knowledge gaps are addressed through the creation of a comprehensive research agenda. This will define the overarching principles for managing trade-offs between water for development and water for ecology, and trade-offs arising out of water allocations across competing sectors.

Lesson from #Kashmir: There is urgent need for trained riot police

The troubles in Kashmir are not about to get over soon. In any case, in a large and chaotic country like India, there is always going to be need for trained riot police. The time has come to give up ad hoc solutions and think about the police and policing in a much more systematic and rational manner.

The #Brexit, and after

Now that Brexit has happened, some problems are arising in the European Union, which may threaten its cohesion. Unless the EU prospers economically and reforms structurally, it is likely to witness more problems and referendums in the future which may lead others to exit.

Measure to act: Tracking the heath #SDG targets

In spite of the abundance of data sources, there is a dearth of data collection systems that make the cut. As the NITI Aayog and the statistics ministry prepare to roll out the national SDG indicator framework, they must work towards tackling five fundamental issues that Indian statistical structure must overcome: data gaps, irregular periodicity, incomplete coverage, the lack of equity-sensitive tracking and the need for supplementary indicators.

Will Turkish President be able to normalise relations with Russia?

It appears as if Turkey’s President Erdoğan is working towards a reformulation of his foreign policy, especially its relations with Russia. However, whether the recent failed coup, which has brought to the fore some tensions in its domestic policy, will have any negative impact on the furthering of the bilateral relations remains to be seen.

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