Why are Africans facing racism in the land of Tagore, Gandhi and Nehru?

So far, the role of civil society in furthering India’s relations with Africa has not been appreciated. The government must recognise that India-Africa relations cannot rest on trade and investment alone. There is an immediate need to build people to people relations.

Two years of Modi Govt: Lack of job creation major weak point

At his election speeches, Narendra Modi promised to give jobs to the youth. Around 100 million youth are seeking jobs every year in the Indian job market. But only 1.35 lakh jobs were created in 2015 and 4.93 lakh jobs in 2014. At the end of the two years of Modi government, one major weak point has been the lack of sufficient job creation.

Make use of India Posts to bridge rural-urban divide

If someone smart in government can begin mapping the convergence of Indian Railways with India Post, a sleeping giant with twice large as the outreach of all commercial banks, then this dovetailing has the potentiality to change India and bridge the rural-urban divide faster than anything else.

Rightsizing the military: The need for a comprehensive examination

The Defence Minister has recently announced the formation of an 11-member committee to look into areas of “overlap” and convergence within Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, allowing for a reduction of manpower. Instead of setting up new committees, the minister would do well to implement the report of the Naresh Chandra Committee and the recommendations of the Group of Ministers of the Vajpayee government.

All eyes on President Mukherjee’s China trip

On Tuesday morning, President Pranab Mukherjee leaves for a four-day visit to China, the first by a President since 2010. At one level, the visit is a protocol response to that of President Xi Jinping to India in 2014. At another, it seeks to convey the intention of the two countries to maintain the tempo of high-level visits to each other’s countries.

Neither India nor China should get into tit-for-tat situation, says Chinese envoy

Presenting Beijing’s views on maritime governance in the region at ORF, China’s Acting Ambassador Liu Jinsong says Beijing recognises an emerging trust gap and it was important that neither India nor China get into a tit-for-tat situation with regard to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean Region.

Africa Security Summit warns of spread of terror, if not tackled urgently

One theme that came out clearly from Africa’s Regional Security Summit was that Libya holds the key to the success or failure of Boko Haram. The conclusion was that unless order is restored in Libya, Boko Haram will continue to grow.

India, US and an eastward tilt

Given the rapid rise of China and India's own considerable difficulties with Beijing, having the US as a security partner is useful. With its million-man army and nuclear weapons, India does not really need the US for its existing security, certainly not from any direct threat from China. But, India does need partnerships and coalitions to enable maintain a secure periphery that includes a region which will literally provide the fuel for it.

Single or unified approach to deal with humanitarian crises ineffective, says India

As the first World Humanitarian Summit takes place in Istanbul on May 23 to discuss humanitarian challenges, MEA Secretary Sujata Mehta warns that using a single or unified approach to deal with these crises would be ineffective, inefficient and inhumane.

Is BJP’s performance as spectacular as made out?

The message from the recent Assembly election is clear and bold. Notwithstanding the BJP-led alliance’s maiden victory in Assam, regional leaders have gained in political significance and no national party can afford to overlook them.

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