In Kathmandu, a turn for the better

The priorities for Prachanda as the next PM are quite clear. Domestically, he has to reach out to the groups unhappy with the new constitution. He also has to get politics out of the post-quake reconstruction efforts. On the foreign policy front, Prachanda needs to put his conspiracy theories to rest and restore ties with India instead of engaging in brinkmanship as he did during his earlier tenure.

Why hasn’t #Dhaka’s counter terror measures shown results?

Bangladesh has been on the world terror radar for quite a long time now. The recent Dhaka attack, in which 20 foreigners were killed, has focused global attention on the rising militancy in the country. And it has also raised doubts about the country’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Missing AN-32 & IAF’s disjointed defence planning

The recent disappearance of Indian Air Force’s AN-32 plane while flying from Chennai to Port Blair, brings back the focus on the IAF’s fleet of ageing transport aircraft and also the disjointed defence planning and modernisation of the Indian Armed Forces.

The “ASEAN way” or the Chinese way?

The South China Sea disputes have been increasingly dividing ASEAN and this will continue to weaken the bloc’s standing regionally and globally with adverse implications on the idea of “ASEAN’s centrality” on regional economic and security matters.

Why India is right about its South China Sea stand

For New Delhi, the endorsement of international law in the South China Sea dispute is a prerequisite to meet its growing maritime ambitions in Asia. But India must be careful not to pontificate to China the virtues of responsible international behaviour.

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