The “ASEAN way” or the Chinese way?

The South China Sea disputes have been increasingly dividing ASEAN and this will continue to weaken the bloc’s standing regionally and globally with adverse implications on the idea of “ASEAN’s centrality” on regional economic and security matters.

Why India is right about its South China Sea stand

For New Delhi, the endorsement of international law in the South China Sea dispute is a prerequisite to meet its growing maritime ambitions in Asia. But India must be careful not to pontificate to China the virtues of responsible international behaviour.

South China Sea verdict: Now China’s international reputation at stake

China must now worry about its international reputation if it flagrantly refuses to do anything and remains rigid in its approach to the South China Sea dispute. It cannot aspire to a responsible leadership role if it refuses to negotiate. The verdict opens opportunities for major maritime nations to intensify patrols and exercises to reiterate freedom of navigation.

Will #TTIP survive Brexit?

Against the backdrop of Brexit, discussions are on in the academic community on the fate of the TTIP, an ambitious trade and investment agreement being negotiated between the US and EU. TTIP is expected to provide greater compatibility and transparency in trade and investment regulation and, at the same time, maintain high levels of health, safety and environmental protection. However, it is hard to predict the future course of TTIP negotiations. With three years into the negotiations already, with 30 chapters being discussed and 14 rounds of negotiations complete, the deal is nowhere near completion.

#Trump, #Brexit and India

Following the recent Brexit vote and continued convulsions in Britain and Europe and, separately, in the US, it has become fashionable to talk about de-globalisation. But it is important to place the urges in the West in a wider historical context and not see them merely as a reflection of contemporary headlines. But the fact was that more than de-globalisation, this was a contest between older and newer templates of globalisation, and an attempt to tackle questions of whose globalisation and globalisation on which terms.

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Battle for globalisations?

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