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Tamil Jains

Accelerating growth and development in the SDG era

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  • Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report 2016
    Azadi,Jammu and Kashmir,Kashmir,Stone Pelting

    Reimagining Kashmir

    • Barkha Dutt

    The arrow effect of demonetisation and GST

    Drones,Future of Warfare,Geopolitics,Global Commons,People's Liberation Army Navy,PLAN,The China Chronicles,UAVs

    Sea drones: Implications of the great underwater wall of China

    Djibouti,Horn of Africa,The China Chronicles

    China’s moves in Africa

    Doklam,Sino-India,Xi Jinping

    Doklam standoff not very propitious for Xi Jinping


    Dangerous optimism on Doklam

    • May 08 2017
    • Mar 14 2017
    • Nov 02 2016