Japan–China spat and the G–7 meeting at Hiroshima

Japan is hosting the G–7 meeting next month. Earlier this month, foreign ministers of G–7 met in Hiroshima. Their statement severely criticised China for its role in South China Sea. But China warned Japan to stay away from the issue as it is not a party directly involved in it. Will Japan again raise this issue in the G–7 meeting, hampering the seemingly improving ties with China?

Are technical defence agreements with US beneficial for India?

India recently agreed to sign the Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with the US, about which it had reservations earlier. But India still has reservations about two more agreements which had been proposed by the US. Is it in India’s interests to sign these agreements, which some argue, are tilted towards the US?

Calming the boiling Kashmir

The vacuum left behind by Mufti Sayeed's death and the prolonged indecision by her daughter Mehbooba over returning to power in alliance with the ideologically opposite BJP has been exploited well by the perception management team of the terror factory inside and outside Kashmir. The target has been the Army.

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  • Apr 28 2016  —   Apr 29 2016

Digital BRICS Conclave

The digital economies of BRICS countries will crucially determine their overall growth in the coming years. A significant share of the next billion internet users will come from BRICS, offering the promise of efficient e–governance as well as a

Maldives President’s Delhi visit: A test for Modi’s neighbourhood policy?

This week’s India visit of Maldives President Abdulla Yameen can become a test case for PM Modi’s neighbourhood policy, which has seen enough ups and downs. It could help India define and also refine its neighbourhood priorities in the context of evolving global geo–politics and geo–strategy.

Republicans may save America from Trump, but can they save themselves?

Trump is the wild card. He has shown little political loyalty, having been a registered Democrat, a registered Republican, and donating lavishly to candidates of both political parties. He is unlikely to do what is best for the Republican Party. He will do what is best for Donald Trump.

Does Paris Agreement promise a viable carbon market?

The Paris Agreement recognises the role of carbon markets in helping countries achieve their climate targets through the implementation of the carbon markets–related provisions. And, increasing numbers of countries are coming up with domestic carbon markets which promise to the world that a viable carbon market would indeed be a reality. However, a lot of work remains to be done.

US nuclear concerns real, but targets wrong

The American concerns about nuclear weapons, material falling into wrong hands cannot be over–stressed. It’s for real. But Pakistan alone should have been the target of American concerns and that of the rest of the world, beginning with the Indian and Afghan neighbours of Pakistan, but not ending there.

Xi’s in camouflage, but everything is in the open now

The recent military reforms in China are in sharp contrast to what is happening in India. The idea of jointness is formally upheld, but the fact is that the three Indian services remain separate in their organisation and doctrine.

Is Iraq as a nation sustainable?

The British, on assuming control of the Ottoman Empire after the first World War, created the nation of Iraq by drawing a line of boundary, clubbing three provinces of Mosul, Baghdad and Basra. This unwieldy patchwork of provinces, which ignored the political and cultural sensibilities of the local inhabitants, had been and would be a huge challenge for the rulers.

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