Books and MonographsPublished on May 17, 2007
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The New Asian Power Dynamic

A new power dynamic is at play in Asia, where the post-Cold War global geopolitics is shaping the 21st century world order. This volume examines the unfolding relationships among the five great powers in Asia—the United States, China, India, Japan and Russia. It explores recent bilateral relations between these states. While the central theme is how China, the rising power, and the US, the sole super power, will deal with each other, their policies and interactions will need to factor in the other three powers who will play significant roles in defining peace and stability in Asia.

The various contributions, by both academics and diplomats, recognize Asia as the meeting ground of the five great powers with converging and competing political, security and economic interests. They also rule out future military alliances, identify India’s foreign policy options and argue that India’s relations with the US should receive the highest priority, while not antagonizing any of the other powers.

This book will be of considerable interest to practitioners and students of international diplomacy, South Asian politics, Chinese studies, and military and strategic studies.

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M. K. Rasgotra, is an Indian diplomat and academic who served as the 12th Foreign Secretary of India from 1st May 1982 to 31st January ...

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