Books and MonographsPublished on Nov 17, 2007
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The Naxal Challenge: Causes, Linkages and Policy Options

The Papers in the book examine the social and economic causes of the Naxalite movement, the political bases of the Naxalites, their external links, and the viability of a political approach to resolve the Naxalite problem.

Table of Contents

  1. The Naxalite Movement: A Realsitic Approach
  2. The Trajectory of the Movement
  3. Roots and Causes: The Case of Jharkhand
  4. Roots and Causes: The Case of Dandakaranya
  5. A Political Approach to the Naxalite Problem: Viability and Prerequisites for Success
  6. Political Bases and Dimensions of the Naxalite Movement
  7. Approaches to the Naxalite Movement
  8. Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Strategies of the Naxalites and the State
  9. The Naxalite Movement: Impact of External Networking
  10. The Maoist Web: An Overview
  11. Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: An Overview
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PV Ramana

PV Ramana

P V Ramana was Research Fellow at IDSA. A student of South Asian studies, he works on the Naxalite-Maoist movement in India.  ...

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