South China Sea | Volume V; Issue 1

    Ships from the Indian Navy, US Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force maneuver into a close formation during Exercise Malabar 2015

    Source: US Navy

    The South China Sea monitor is a monthly maritime tracker produced and published by the ORF. The monitor tracks and analyses maritime developments in the Asia-Pacific with a special focus on the South China Sea. Published in the first week of every month, each issue of the monitor carries highlights of one key development of the previous month, a round-up of the debates in the media on the region, a collection of the most recent journal articles, commentaries, books and reports as well as two opinion pieces analysing events in the maritime domain in Asia.

    The monitor aims to keep its readers up-to-date on the geopolitical and strategic changes in the Asia-Pacific and offer its readers a useful database on the most recent publications on broader issues in the region. The monitor is a key resource for students, policymakers, academics and strategic thinkers on the developments in the South China Sea and beyond.

    Editor: K. Yhome
    Associate Editors: Darshana M. Baruah, Pratnashree Basu



    Past Events

    Brexit and Global Britain: A pipe dream?

    Book launch — Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet

    Big Data and Agent-Based Simulation for Policy Analysis— Talk by Prof. Alok Chaturvedi

    Book Discussion on Dr. Chaitanya Ravi’ ‘A Debate to Remember: The US-India Nuclear Deal”

    Seven years of civil war in Syria

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