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2016: Primer

This year’s issue of the ORF Primer discusses nine topics and situations India must continue engaging with in the coming months and beyond as it defines its needs and interests and finds its place in the international order.

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    • Nota Bene: On Strategies and Moments
      Ritika Passi
    • Is India Illiberal?
      Ashok Malik
    • South Asia in 2016
      Jyoti Malhotra
    • The Return of History
      Harsh Pant
    • The Middle East: Not (Yet) as Post-Westphalian Order
      Sumitha N. Kutty
    • BRICS to Rebuild the House
      Samir Saran and Abhijnan Rej
    • The Lure of RTAs: Will India or Won’t It?
      Nilanjan Ghosh
    • Crossing the Next Frontier: Time to Engage with Africa
      Manish Chand
    • It’s Not All about the Money
      Urvashi Aneja
  • Putting Technology in its Place
    Vikrom Mathur
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Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi works at the intersection of economics and security. Her research focuses on regional connectivity initiatives and power shifts in global economic governance. She ...

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