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2015: Primer

The inaugural issue of the Primer discusses 10 issues – crisis situations or potential ones – that India must engage with this year. The following commentaries, divided under three themes of Neighbourhood, Trends and Global Governance, provide the ‘lay of the land’ and discuss what steps India is taking and must take. In doing so, they offer reasoned ways forward to not only cement India’s position as a timely global actor commensurate with its growing power weight and ambitions, but to also allow India to exercise some control over developments to prevent flashpoints.

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  • Director’s Note – Sunjoy Joshi
  • Editor’s Note: Nota Bene – Ritika Passi


  • Afghanistan: After the Drawdown – Aryaman Bhatnagar
  • Middle East, A Sisyphean Puzzle – Kanchi Gupta
  • Iran, Nuclear Negotiations and India – Harsh V. Pant
  • Russia, in 2015 – Nandan Unnikrishnan
  • China, as an Indian Ocean Power – K. Yhome


  • Ebola Virus: Not a Death Knell but a Wake-Up Call – Madhurima Nundy
  • Terror, Terror, Burning Bright – Wilson John

Global Governance

  • Climate Change: US-China Deal, Lima and Onward – Mukul Sanwal
  • SDGs: What, Why and How – Sunil Suri
  • Cyber Governance: Whose Model? Whose Security? – Saikat Datta
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Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi works at the intersection of economics and security. Her research focuses on regional connectivity initiatives and power shifts in global economic governance. She ...

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