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Published on Aug 03, 2016
In focus — US Presidential Election 2016

< style="color: #0069a6;">3From Russia without Love: #Trump, #Putin and America's Election

Donald Trump is inviting Russia’s intelligence service to hack into Hillary Clinton’s private email archive to find the missing trove of private communications deleted from her personal server when she was Secretary of State. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">4#US Elections | Last Candidates Standing: A Comparative Analysis

As 2016 American politics transitions from the primary to the general, it is a pertinent time to examine not only the current stated policies of Clinton and Trump, but also how they have changed and continue to change over the course of the election cycle. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">5Donald's Potential VP: Trump 2.0 or Old School Republican

The overwhelming, and almost certainly extortionate, military budget that Congress allocates to the military every year is considered sacred by many GOP war hawks. It is no surprise, therefore, that Donald Trump floated the idea of appointing a Vice Presidential candidate in uniform, to appease a section within the Republican voter-base that may have qualms about his seemingly defensive realism. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">6#USElections2016: Why VP Warren Would be a Mistake

Warren refrained from endorsing Hillary Clinton up until it became absolutely certain that she was going to represent the party; while she has not ruled out “jump in this fight”, she has steered clear of voicing any ideological or policy alignments with Clinton, sticking instead to only supporting her indomitable spirit. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">7Donald Trump and Indian Jobs

Republican presidential nominee billionaire Donald Trump is an enigmatic and puzzling personality. Does he really mean what he is saying or is he going to change his stance once he enters the Oval office? Sometimes, he has been positive about India. Sometimes, he has slammed India as taking away American jobs. How should we read his statements? Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">8The Republican Revolt over Trump

Republican elites were falling in line behind Trump following his victory in the party primaries over all establishment challengers. Now, even many Republicans who, against their better instincts, endorsed the tycoon are expressing public unease with his divisive and undisciplined campaign. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">2Why 'President #Trump' Wouldn't be Bad News for India

Whether the US is in tackling China, Islamism, or the Russian rift, Trump’s policies will benefit India. However, New Delhi will also be on that transactional framework where it will be asked what it has on offer to merit the US’ friendship — and we cannot rule out an American decision to knock heads on issues like Kashmir. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">1US polls: Not an Election One Would Want to Predict

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leave one with the feeling of being one-term candidates who will give way to either genuine change and conviction (in the Democratic Party) — or a more wholesome rendition of the social and philosophical traditions of the Republican party. Read more >>

< style="color: #0069a6;">9India Would Win with Trump's Foreign Policy

The accession of Donald Trump to the White House offers India greater strategic space. It reduces the chances of India becoming collateral damage in American interventionism. A retrenched America will also provide a much-needed impetus for New Delhi’s notoriously status-quoist foreign-policy establishment to proactively shape the region through assertive statecraft. Read more >>
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