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Published on Feb 04, 2017
In focus — Union Budget 2017

10A good beginning to cleanse political funding

Following the sudden demonetisation decision, the Union Budget 2017 was keenly watched for possible reform roadmap to curb black money and illicit political funding — that lay at the roots of big scams and scandals. Read more >

9A widely dispersed Budget

There were no doles given to those who had lost their jobs and were badly hit due to demonetisation. Resuscitation of the rural economy was given high priority. Read more >

8Budget shows Modi’s ‘War On Cash’ is a serious one

It may not be perfect and meet every parameter of every analyst — no budget ever can — but is remarkable in its unwillingness to resort to gimmickry and political populism even as the polity enters a near non-stop election season. Read more >

7Budget shows Modi has found his narrative for 2019

The budget was probably written on 8 November when PM Modi announced demonetisation. Read more >

6Agriculture: Is government's optimism realistic?

The latest data from the government’s agricultural ministry shows that demonetisation did not have an adverse impact on agricultural production. The year’s Rabi crop seems to have got the highest acreage in five years.  Read more >

5Red flags that Finance Minister must not ignore

The investment red flag must be raised if targeted investment in 2017-18 is below two percent of GDP. Read more >

4Questions on the Union Budget and Make in India

A much sought after, rule of the game is the Make in India initiative. The question: why Make in India is sought after? Read more >

2Advancing budget a wise move?

The Election Commission had kicked the “postpone the budget” ball — rolled out by the opposition — to the government for comments by 10 January. Read more >

1Union Budget should put more focus on poor elderly

There were 100.3 million senior citizens (60 and above) in 2011 which is 8.6 percent of the population. In 2050, there will be 324 million elderly. Read more >
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