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Published on Dec 15, 2016
In focus — Trump transition

1Trump's Taiwan rethink and India

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s phone call to President-elect Donald Trump last week triggered uproar in foreign policy circles of China, US and beyond. Read more >

2Ivanka Trump — The most powerful first daughter

Welcome to four years of the first First Daughter rodeo in US presidential history. Read more >

3Trump Presidency and the future of US-Russia relations

A major task ahead for Trump would be to negotiate with Russia on the future of US-Russia arms control. Read more >

4Is Trump making a departure from the one-China policy?

Trump's phone call to Taiwan President has led the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson issue a statement calling on the US to adhere to its one-China policy commitment.Read more >

5Much ado about a phone call?

It appears that the phone call was planned well in advance and was facilitated by Bob Dole, a former Republican Senator whose law firm has professional links with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US. Read more >

6Why Trump’s protectionist ideas may not work

It is too late for Trump or anyone else in the world to reverse globalisation. Read more >

7Will new Presidents of Uzbekistan, US impact bilateral relations?

Strategies underlying the power transition are reminiscent of Soviet era practices in Uzbekistan and remains to be seen how the bilateral relation with US pans out. Read more >

8President Donald Trump and future of the Iran deal

One of the foremost questions around Trump's victory has been in relation to the future of the Iran nuclear deal, one that the President-elect has criticised himself, dubbing it as a "horrible deal". Read more >

9Trump’s call to Sharif doesn’t indicate any real change to US foreign policy with India

Phone calls are making waves with Nawaz Sharif and Tsai Ing-wen, showing there is no indicator on which way US will go under new Presidency. Read more >

10Donald Trump’s generals: Why 9/11 will shape what follows 11/9

The President-elect has confirmed that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn will serve as the next National Security Advisor. Read more >
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