Takeo Harada
Takeo Harada is CEO and Representative of Institute for International Strategy and Information analysis Inc. (IISIA) and President of Research Institute for Japans Globalization (RIJAG) in Tokyo Japan. An invigorating strategist with 12 years of a significant experience as career diplomat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs particularly in charge of European affairs and DPRK. Besides being internationally acknowledged as an innovative contributor to various meetings and conferences on global affairs such as B20 and ICC CEO Advisory Group supports successfully both Japanese domestic and foreign companies to effectively expand their business based on vast human network all over the world by making future strategic and risk scenarios. With remarkable language skills in Japanese (mother tongueEnglish and German. As a global strategist Mr. Harada keeps writing and speaking on wide range of prominent mass media worldwide whilst speaking at forums panel discussions and other events. His latest book Pax Japonica. The Resurrection of Japan was published by LID Publishing in UK 2017 (English).