Nasim Pourghazian
Nasim Pourghazian is a medical doctor with experience in clinical and public health in Europe the Middle East Bangladesh and Afghanistan. She obtained her medical degree in Sweden and joined the World Health Organization (WHO) a couple of years later. In her current position as a technical officer in the department of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health she provides technical support in the field of NCD prevention and management to ministries of health and other key stakeholders in a number of member states. This entails liaising with policymakers academicians clinical professionals civil society and other UN agencies as well as coordinating technical work and response throughout the three levels of the organisation (global regional and national). Prior to joining WHO she initiated her specialisation as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Stockholm and has worked with a number of NGOs such as BRAC Swedish Committee for Afghanistan Amnesty and Medicine du Monde parallel to her medical studies and professional career. Her aspiration is to continue working with public health in a way that engages stakeholders and individuals beyond the health sector to partake in improving the health and well-being of populations in an equitable way.