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Rethinking water-climate cooperation in South Asia

Water is a finite resource but demand for it is not. As water supply dwindles to its limit, potential conflicts are brewing between countries that share transboundary freshwater resources. Is the world equipped with the means to prevent the eruption of such conflicts? In South Asia, transboundary water management systems have remained weak, leaving coriparians extremely vulnerable to conflict. A sound management system has now become imperative, as the very real threats of climatic changes further exacerbate the problem of dwindling water supply. South Asian co-riparians must reimagine their water relations, encourage cross-boundary cooperation, and aim to mitigate the ill impacts of what has historically been a haphazard water management system.

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Gareth Price

Gareth Price

Gareth Price is a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House leading research on South Asia. He was previously an analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit ...

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