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Raisina Files 2022

In the sixth edition of our flagship annual journal of essays, the Raisina Files, we seek to take stock of where we are as people, communities, and countries. We intend to discuss and clarify responses to challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic, and discover and chart pathways to opportunities in the post-COVID19 world. Our contributors engage with the new war in Europe, and its consequences for the region and the world. Most importantly, the fine minds who have penned the essays that follow, seek to describe what lies ahead, how it will be arranged, who will shape it, and who will likely benefit from what unfolds.

Raisina Files 2022 mirrors the theme of this year’s Raisina Dialogue, “Terra Nova: Impassioned, Impatient, and Imperilled.” We have identified six pillars and areas of discussion within this overarching theme to engage with critically—Rethinking Democracy: Trade, Tech, and Ideology; End of Multilateralism: A Networked Global Order?; Water Caucuses: Turbulent Tides in the Indo-Pacific; Communities Inc.: First Responders to Health, Development, and Planet; Achieving Green Transitions: Common Imperative, Diverging Realities; and Samson vs Goliath: The Persistent and Relentless Tech Wars. Together, these six pillars of the Raisina Dialogue capture the multitude of conversations, opportunities, and anxieties countries engage and grapple with.

In this volume:

Editors: Samir Saran and Anahita Khanna 

  • The DragonBear: Putin’s Choices | Velina Tchakarova
  • Forging China-Resistant Supplier Compacts | Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner
  • Democracy, Technology, Geopolitics | Sameer Patil and Vivek Mishra
  • Materials That Matter | Andreas Kuehn
  • Scripting a Third Way: The Importance of EU-India Partnership | Amrita Narlikar
  • Emerging Domains of Conflict in the 21st Century| Lydia Kostopoulos
  • Advancing Trade Governance – Only for Democracies? | Renato G. Flôres Jr.
  • The World in Disarray: Is This the End of Multilateralism for Trade? | Stormy-Annika Mildner
  • Anticipate, Reform, and Elevate: Looking Toward W20 India 2023 | Erin Watson-Lynn
  • The Pandemic at 24 Months | Sridhar Venkatapuram
  • The Season of Caucuses: QUAD, AUKUS, and the Exclusive-Inclusive Duality of Indo-Pacific Asia | Rory Medcalf
  • Oceanic Choices: India, Japan, and the Dragon’s Fire: How does the QUAD Work? | Satoru Nagao
  • Diverging US and Indian Approaches to Europe: The Problem of Ukraine | S. Paul Kapur
  • India’s Unicorn Step-Function Growth Signals the Emergence of its Innovation Ecosystem | Nisha Holla
  • Exploring the Inequities of Climate Finance | Mannat Jaspal and Terri B. Chapman
  • Enabling the Green Transition to be a Just Transition | Nuvodita Singh and Akshima Ghate
  • Meta-Soft Power: Flipping the Scales Between Art & Culture | Nicolò Andreula and Stefania Petruzzelli

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Samir Saran

Samir Saran

Samir Saran is the President of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), India’s premier think tank, headquartered in New Delhi with affiliates in North America and ...

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Anahita Khanna

Anahita Khanna

Anahita Khanna was a Manager Media and Publications at ORF. She was responsible for the communications strategy of the organisations publications events and forums. She ...

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