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Raisina Files 2019: Debating Future Frameworks in a Disrupted World

Raisina Files 2019 unpacks new institutions and rules of the road in re-invigorated common spaces: will these guide the way forward into a disrupted, 21st century?

Raisina Files is an annual ORF publication that brings together emerging and established voices in a collection of essays on key, contemporary questions that are implicating the world and India.

  • In this volume | Ritika Passi
  • China and the AIIB: If you built it, they will come (Or, a river runs through it) | Jason A. Kirk
  • Can the Quad navigate the complexities of a dynamic Indo-Pacific? | Caitlin Byrne
  • RCEP: An economic architecture for the Indo-Pacific? | Hugo Seymour and Jeffrey Wilson
  • Power to Whom? Privacy in a post-GDPR world | Paula Kift
  • How jihadists went ‘glocal’ and what to do about it | Stephen Tankel
  • The return of power politics and nuclear non-proliferation | Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
  • The civilian private sector: Part of a new arms control regime? | Kara Frederick
  • Governance by technical standards: Do digital ID platforms re-order or reinforce international relations? | Arun Mohan Sukumar
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Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi works at the intersection of economics and security. Her research focuses on regional connectivity initiatives and power shifts in global economic governance. She ...

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Arun Sukumar is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. ...

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