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Raisina Files 2016

“A conversation and an exploration of ideas, thoughts and opinions”

Introduction | Ashok Malik


India and the Ideas of Asia | C. Raja Mohan

Balance in a Tilted, Technicolour World | Samir Saran & Abhijnan Rej

Asian Connectivity and its Geoeconomic Imperatives | Abhijnan Rej

New Pathway: Is Sub-Regional BBIN a Role Model for Asian Connectivity? | Nilanjan Ghosh

India and Maritime-Asia: Seeking Economic Convergence Amidst Strategic Discord | Abhijit Singh

Sustaining Development: Cleaning Up Asia’s Environmental Act | Vikrom Mathur & Tanoubi Ngangom

Future of Energy: Regional Energy Cooperation in South Asia | Ashish Gupta & Akhilesh Sati

Navigating Namami Gange: India’s Flagship River Project | Ashok Malik

Choosing Between Freedom and Firewalls 68 10. Buddhism and Asia’s Connectivity | Arun Mohan Sukumar

Economic Diplomacy Between Asia and Africa: Platform for Bandung 2.0? | P. Stobdan

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Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej is an Indian scientist, researcher, and writer. He is the Founder & Chief Scientist of Tarqeq Research LLP, a research and advisory firm ...

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