Books and MonographsPublished on Mar 01, 2004
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Indoctrinating Minds: A Case Study of Bangladesh

This is a story about Bangladesh, a nation borne out of high ideals of brotherhood, self-determination and song. Exploring a young nation where fences and furniture are woven from wicker and bamboo from verdant plains and ancient hills reverberate with music and poetry. Yvette Claire Rosser, a passionate writer with an immeasurable curiosity, finds disturbing signs of increasing attempts, on the part of the political and religious establishment, to take over young minds. In this seminal work, she studies the collective loss of memory in Bangladesh, orchestrated, as she finds, by years of overt military coercion and promoted by an accelerating influence of islamisation reflected, quite glaringly, in school text books.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Devolution of High School History
  • As the Pendulum Swings: Revolving History and the Loss of Memory in Bangladesh
  • Textbooks and Popular Memory
  • Who Declared Independence?
  • The Unstable Story of the Nation
  • Political Overdose
  • The Ghosts of the Generals
  • A Tale That Can’t be Told
  • The Battle of the Begums
  • Press Articles
  • Chronology of Important Events
  • Notes
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