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India’s Vote in the IAEA

A round table discussion on the topic “India’s Vote in the IAEA – The Balance Sheet” was organised by Observation Research Foundation at New Delhi on October 10, 2005. The participants included leaders of political parties, former diplomats, academics, journalists and strategic experts.

In his opening remarks, ORF Chairman R.K. Mishra said the purpose of the round table was to initiate a public policy discussion on analyzing the impact of India’s vote on Iran in the IAEA on September 24, 2005. He pointed out that the debate even invoked the Cold War idiom, and at times, was reminiscent of the animated discourses two years ago on Iraq. Regrettably, he felt, the debate has called into question, even if marginally, the very authenticity of India’s strategic partnership with Iran. He said ORF has a tradition of providing a platform for informed discussions on contentious issues that are of concern to India as well as the international community.

In the three-hour discussion that followed divergent views, supportive of or opposed to, the vote in Vienna found expression. These were underpinned by a shared belief that India faced a defi ning moment in chartering the course of its foreign policy for decades to come.

Reflecting these views, this brief is divided into two sections:

● Endorsement of India’s Vote in the IAEA; and

● Criticism of India’s Vote in the IAEA

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