Books and MonographsPublished on Sep 11, 2008
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Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future

It is difficult to argue with Gujarat’s success–a consistently growing state income, massive contribution to India’s coffers, and high marks in industry, agriculture, and higher education. How did Gujarat come to be India’s second most industrialised state, a toast among experts on economic development? And what lies ahead? In 11 well-researched, well-thought-out essays, some of the country’s leading experts on Gujarat give you the answers.

Convincingly woven by editor R. Swaminathan, Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future takes more than a cursory look at the industrial development that has swiftly taken place in the state. The book goes deep into the phenomenon, providing analyses for various issues such as the macroeconomic framework for Gujarat’s industrialisation and the dynamics of its corollary urban development.

More importantly, Perspectives of the Future examines the way forward: What challenges await Gujarat? This book makes a compelling argument for a blueprint that will address the state’s serious problems, including environmental degradation, discrimination against women, poor healthcare and nutrition, and lack of quality basic education. of the country’s leading experts on Gujarat give you the answers.

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Swaminathan Ramanathan

Swaminathan Ramanathan

Swaminathan Ramanathan is Senior Research Fellow at Uppsala University. He heads Future Urbanisms a long term multidisciplinary research programme focused on issues of sustainability and ...

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