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Games Pakistanis Play

  • Abhijnan Rej

This paper presents a typology for three groups of intra-state actors in Pakistan. These three groups – termed “complicit,” “culpable,” and “collateral” – have their own, different stakes in promoting transnational extremism. This typology suggests that Pakistan cannot be considered a unitary rational state. Furthermore, the paper analyses the inter- and intragroup
dynamics within the theoretical framework of evolutionary game theory. Policy recommendations are made in this paper through the typology viewed within the evolutionary games framework.

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Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej is an Indian scientist, researcher, and writer. He is the Founder & Chief Scientist of Tarqeq Research LLP, a research and advisory firm ...

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Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej