Event ReportsPublished on Jan 11, 2015
The Council of Councils Seventh Regional Conference brought together experts from 20 leading institutions from around the world to discuss and debate critical regional and global issues.
Council of Councils Sixth Regional Conference
The Observer Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Council on Foreign Relations, hosted the Council of Councils Seventh Regional Conference in New Delhi, India, from January 11 to 13, 2015. Over the course of the two days and six sessions, experts and scholars from twenty leading institutions from around the world gathered to discuss the state of global governance in a shifting international context.
The conference saw lively debates and deliberations over some of the most pressing issues confronting the world today. As the conference was held in Asia, the first day focused on certain regional issues that have policy implications for the rest of the world as well. Topics included nuclear security in Asia, growing extremism and instability in the Middle East, and emerging great power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region. The second day looked at critical global issues including the internationalization of the Internet governance, the future of multilateral trading systems, and challenges for a post–2015 climate change agreement.
Participants had nuanced understandings of the challenges confronting the region and the world, and the prospects for international efforts to tackle these issues effectively. While consensus was not always possible, participants put forth a number of policy recommendations for effectively addressing the various dilemmas and opportunities.
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