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Published on Dec 24, 2018
Our 20 most–read expertspeak posts this year.
Most–read expertspeak, 2018  

When India failed Rafale | Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

India is asserting its rights as a Nuclear Weapons Power, and France is helping us do this at great risk to itself, and the Indian public discourse seems intent on proving India is an unreliable partner. Read more ►

China’s urban transformation strategy | Rumi Aijaz

The appraisal of select aspects of China’s urbanisation strategy and the progress in implementation indicate a massive urban transformation. Read more ►

Without addressing India’s sovereignty there can be no China reset, period | Gautam Chikermane

The Modi-Xi 'informal summit' meeting at Wuhan was a good beginning. Read more ►

Nine economic policies that define Modi@4 | Gautam Chikermane

Should Prime Minister Narendra Modi return to power in 2019, we know the foundations upon which new policies would be built. Should he lose the 2019 elections, it would still push the next government in the same direction. Read more ►

Using AI and blockchain tech for transparency in urban governance | Sayli Udas⎯Mankikar

People are going to ask government for answers, and the solutions will lie in getting transparency through new-age systems. Read more ►

Pakistan’s use of terror as a tool | Kriti M. Shah

Pakistan’s strategy of ‘bleeding India by a thousand cuts’ has been implemented by exploiting religious sentiments and whipping up passions on communal and sectarian lines. Read more ►

Dutch Disease: Cause of Africa’s rising external debt | Rahul Mazumdar

Africa in general and sub-Sahara in particular is not new to this phenomenon of high external debt. The Dutch disease syndrome, a natural resource curse, is largely responsible for this debt burden. Read more ►

The past as prologue | Sushant Sareen

While it is imperative to address the vulnerabilities exposed by past terrorist attacks — it is even more critical is to anticipate and game the next big terror attack. Read more ►

Using blockchain technology to better skill development certification |  Antara Sengupta

Problems in the skills ecosystem can be mitigated by the use of blockchain technology — cases of fraudulent enrolment, certification and placement of candidates — among others. Read more ►

Lebanon elections: Hezbollah, Hariri and the civil society | Anchal Vohra

Lebanon is trying something different, but how far will it succeed? Read more ►

If 80% water consumption in India is for agriculture, why is it unregulated and inefficient? | Sandip Sen

The laws to conserve water in the agriculture sector are absent, as the farmer is a hallowed vote bank. On the other hand, conservation laws are stringent in sectors where the scope to save is minimal. Read more ►

Qatar crisis: Why India failed to move beyond short-term concerns | Shruti Sonal

Although remaining neutral in the crisis was the right choice for New Delhi, it lost an opportunity to address the concerns and interests of the diaspora. Read more ►

India’s nuclear policy: China, Pakistan and two distinct nuclear trajectories | Harsh V. Pant & Yogesh Joshi

The ‘differential response’ can only be understood by taking into account not only the variation in India’s perceptions of the Chinese and the Pakistani nuclear threat respectively, but also the methods which Indian decision-makers employed to counter them. Read more ►

Kashmir polls: The new realities | Khalid Shah

If the NC and the PDP had contested the elections, a new wave of young leaders of both parties would have emerged on the political scene. Read more ►

India’s coastal security: An assessment | Abhijit Singh

Coastal preparedness is better than earlier — but the overall picture remains less than satisfactory. Read more ►

The sobering arithmetic of a two-front war | Abhijnan Rej

As relations with both China and Pakistan continue to deteriorate, Indian policymakers now find themselves contemplating the unpleasant possibility of a 'two-front' war with both countries. Read more ►

The last round of state elections before 2019: Four trends and takeaways | Mihir Swarup Sharma

As for the Congress, how it chooses its governments and its allies henceforth is crucial. Read more ►

Can India benefit from the US-China trade war? | Sandip Sen

As the impending US-China trade war escalates, there is a lot of shadow boxing and re-negotiation that gives nations like India a chance to enter difficult foreign markets. Read more ►

Battle for South Asia 2.0 | Samir Saran & Sushant Sareen

For most of the last 70 years, the very idea of South Asia was premised on India as the agent of coherence. Its influence was not just religious, cultural and civilisational, but was also central to the political thought and economic models of South Asia. Read more ►

Are our medical device policies aligned for maximal public good? | Deepesh Vendoti

The phase of mandatory approvals and vastly expanded scope under the rulebook heralds a new era for the regulation of medical devices. Read more ►
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