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Published on Jul 29, 2016
In focus — #BRICS

Digital-BRICS< style="color: #0069a6;">India can help nurture a new BRICS-driven Digital Order for the world

As India takes over the BRICS presidency, it aims to develop responsive, inclusive and collective solutions. Given the importance that the Government of India gives to its Digital India initiative, there can be no better way to put this into practice than a Digital BRICS. Read more >>

Digital-BRICS-Conclave-2016< style="color: #0069a6;">BRICS experts for creating common payment gateway to improve e-commerce

Thirty experts from BRICS countries, representing government, civil society, the private sector and academia gathered in New Delhi for the Digital BRICS Conclave. They made various suggestions, including the establishment of a “BRICS+” Internet Governance Forum.  Read more >>

BRICS< style="color: #0069a6;">Future of the BRICS

Speculation is rife about the BRICS’ future and their sustainability and many western observers are already writing its obituary. The latest news about Brazil’s economy contracting by 3.8 percent and the impending impeachment of its President Dilma Rousseff is another dark spot in the state of affairs of the BRICS.  Read more >>

BRICS-Members< style="color: #0069a6;">Building new alliances with BRICS

The decision to form BRICS was based neither on the attractiveness of the economies of these countries nor on a cosy ideological confluence. To understand the need for this group to exist is to understand the need for flexibility mechanisms to achieve larger Geo-economic goals. There is a need for New Delhi to take a long view on the purpose of BRICS and the space it creates for India within the contemporary international order.  Read more >>

Battle-for-globalisations< style="color: #0069a6;">Battle for globalisations?

This paper endorses the idea of a more balanced and inclusive, and less 'western' governance, although within the global trade regime the thesis of singular globalisation can be maintained.  Read more >>

BRICS-Economic< style="color: #0069a6;">BRICS: Prospects for a better economic horizon

BRICS nations are exerting their clout in a world where they have a massive share of not only the global population, but global wealth as well. Despite setbacks, BRICS remains relevant in creating a multipolar world.  Read more >>

BRICS-New-Development-Bank< style="color: #0069a6;">The New Development Bank: Identifying strategic and operational priorities

To aggregate diverse and informed perspectives on both strategic and operational aspects of the bank’s functioning, the Observer Research Foundation and the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) organised an intra-BRICS Experts Workshop on 18-19 June 2015 in New Delhi. The suggestions outlined in this brief are based on the most relevant inputs shared during the workshop.  Read more >>

BRICS-2014< style="color: #0069a6;">BRICS New Development Bank: Glass is half full

The concept of BRICS and the groupings’ ambitious efforts have come under criticism from both the international community and a certain section of the Indian intelligentsia. However a deeper look reveals there is much to be optimistic about.  Read more >>

BRICS-Long-Term< style="color: #0069a6;">BRICS Think Tanks Council recommends easy visas for researchers

The Council suggested that BRICS should support joint projects carried out by researchers and institutions from all BRICS countries. It should create a BRICS framework programme similar to the EU FP7 to finance joint projects with funding allocated from the New Development Bank.  Read more >>

BRICS-Summit< style="color: #0069a6;">Ufa BRICS Summit boost for Indian economy

There are three major takeaways for India from the Ufa Declaration — first, then focus on increasing trade-ties amongst BRICS nations; second, strengthening cooperation amongst BRICS in areas of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICTs); and third, India’s role at the United Nations.  Read more >>

BRICS-Summit-1< style="color: #0069a6;">Analysing Ufa Declaration

The theme of the seventh BRICS Summit was “BRICS Partnership: a Powerful Factor of Global Development.” The declaration thus begins by formally marking the entry of the newly — established New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserves Arrangement.  Read more >>

BRICS-matters< style="color: #0069a6;">From cold war to hot peace: Why BRICS matters

It must be acknowledged that for all the talk of a rising democratic India being welcomed with open arms by the great powers. India’s acceptance into the Western-led global order has been lukewarm. A deeper integration into BRICS, as the outcome statement promises, will give Delhi far greater bargaining power in negotiating its place within the global political and economic governance institutions currently dominated by the West.  Read more >>

BRICS2030< style="color: #0069a6;">Sick of Eurozone crisis? Come over to BRICS

BRICS will collectively be larger than the GDP of six leading industrial countries combined by 2030. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “For the first time, it brings together a group of nations on the parameter of ‘future potential’ rather than existing prosperity or shared identities.” The very idea of BRICS is thus “forward looking”.  Read more >>

globalised-world< style="color: #0069a6;">The changing contours of regionalism and multilateralism in a globalised world

With globalisation, their traditional roles are also changing. This paper re-examines the age old question of whether regionalism helps or hinders multilateralism. It touches upon the increasing number of plurilateral groups, as well as new concepts like multi-stakeholderism.  Read more >>

BRICS-beyond< style="color: #0069a6;">Need to strengthen parliamentary dimension of BRICS structure: Russian Speaker

Russia, which took over the chairmanship of BRICS in July, 2015, works to strengthen the grouping which it thinks has a significant future, said Mr. Sergey Naryshkin, Chairman of the State Duma, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, during an interaction in Delhi. Read more >>  
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