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Published on Jun 08, 2016
First US-India Track 1.5 Cyber Dialogue held in Washington DC

The US-India Track 1.5 Cyber Dialogue represents a pivotal moment in conversations relating to the growth of India's digital economy. Chaired by Dr. Gulshan Rai, the National Cyber Security Coordinator, it is the first high-level, multistakeholder platform convened between India and the United States that will assess, articulate and chart the future trajectory of digital economy and cyber security cooperation.

The Track 1.5 Dialogue is co-hosted by Observer Research Foundation, Delhi, and the Council on Foreign Relations, New York. For its first meeting held in Washington DC on May 10-11, 2016, the Track 1.5 dialogue set a forward looking agenda highlighting the role of start-ups, the Internet of Things economy and data protection for businesses.

< style="color: #163449;">About the Track 1.5 dialogue

In September 2015, India and the United States held the inaugural Strategic and Commercial Dialogue. In their joint communiqué, both countries noted their support for “an open, inclusive, transparent and multistakeholder system of Internet governance” and of their plans “ to work together to promote cyber security, combat cyber crime, and advance norms of state behavior in cyberspace.”

India and the United States also agreed to establish a Track 1.5 dialogue, a series of meetings in which senior representatives from government, the private sector, civil society, and academia discuss complex challenges and provide recommendations to government officials. This track 1.5 dialogue will identify ways in which Delhi and Washington can deepen their relationship on cyberspace policy issues, and find common solutions to global challenges.

At the conclusion of the dialogue, the conveners will publish a road map for the next two years with specific policy recommendations.

< style="color: #163449;">ORF analysis around the Track 1.5 dialogue

Samir Saran, co-convenor of the Dialogue, speaks to Adam Segal of the Council on Foreign Relations — his US counterpart — on key takeaways from the Track 1.5 .

< style="color: #163449;">Listen in: Net politics

Arun Sukumar, Head, Cyber Initiative at ORF, analyses the trajectory of India-US cyber relations: Where are US-India cyber relations headed?

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