Date From : Apr 19, 2017To : Apr 21, 2017

In recent years, as human security issues have gained prominence in maritime discussions, ocean governance has come to dominate the economic and security agendas of national governments and regional multilateral institutions. While the oceans, as a critical source of food and economic development, have always been an integral component of the Earth’s ecosystem, it is only now that nations and governments are beginning to realise their vital contribution to national prosperity. Increasingly, national policies reflect concern for the ocean’s health, even as maritime agencies, environmental groups and civil society are gradually coming to terms with the grim realities confronting the maritime domain.

The issues concerning the health of the oceans are vast and varied: there are problems of cross-jurisdictional ocean uses, mismanagement of resources, a dramatically deteriorating environment, inadequate generation of livelihoods and environmental hazards. Rapid changes in the global climate have been adversely affecting the health of the oceans, even as food and water shortages have become endemic.

The conference will evaluate the deficiencies of the current international system on ocean governance, and propose policies for improving global governance in select domains. Apart from assessing the various strategic and human security issues in the maritime domain, the conference will focus on issues of sustainability, conservation, economic development, maritime industry as well the emerging blue economy that is currently defining the management of oceans.

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Venue Address

Vivanta by Taj, <br>Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala