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Farheen Nahvi (she/her) was born in Kashmir and has been actively involved with human rights work over the past four years in the capacity of researcher and policy advocate on themes of gender-based violence education and enforced disappearance with NGOs in France and India such as Observer Research Foundation the Prajnya Trust Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons and Association Femmes et Familles en Difficults. She has been involved in the initiative s(H)e since its early conception and currently serves on its Executive Board. s(H)e is working to make the feminist discourse more inclusive accessible and nuanced through documentary-style videography.Farheen graduated from Sciences Po Paris in 2022 with a Bachelor in Arts majoring in Politics &: Government with a Europe-Asia regional concentration. She is currently working as an Executive Assistant with Women in Global Health where she was previously engaged as a Project Associate on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) project.

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