TETD || We Cannot Wait For Decades To Give Energy Access To The 3.6 Billion People Who Don’t Have It

The Energy Transition Dialogues 2023 | Energy transition in the Global South represents a pivotal and complex journey towards sustainable, low-carbon, and equitable energy systems. Amidst development challenges and energy access disparities, these countries recognise the need to move away from fossil fuels to achieve climate resilience and energy security. This transition entails multifaceted efforts, including the expansion of renewable energy sources, enhancement of energy efficiency, and the deployment of innovative technologies. Moreover, the transition is intimately tied to social and economic development. It must seek to empower marginalised communities, create employment opportunities, and improve living standards for all. This will require mainstreaming people’s aspirations into the discussions around energy transitions and plan forward-thinking interventions, that go beyond energy policy alone, to ensure the energy transition is inclusive and prosperous.

It is also clear that it will be near impossible for developing economies to achieve this transition with domestic resources alone, the international community will have to step up its effort to support both in terms of finances and technology.

In this context, The Energy Transition Dialogue 2023, will convene both domestic and international stakeholders to critically assess prevailing narratives surrounding inclusive energy transitions. The Dialogue will gather thought-leaders, policymakers, and experts from the private sector, financial services and civil society to deliberate and devise solutions to these critical issues with the objective to advance a people-positive energy transition in the Global South, with a specific focus on India.

Welcome Address: Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet
Opening Address: Sunjoy Joshi, Chairman, Observer Research Foundation, India
Followed by: ENTICE Challenge Awards presented by Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa, Government of India