TETD || Need To Make Energy Transition & Access Affordable For Energy-Starved Countries

The Energy Transition Dialogues 2023 || Connecting the Final Frontier: Global Cooperation on Energy Access || Energy access for all is an important Sustainable Development Goal and is key to achieving the other SDGs. However, the pandemic and associated fiscal pressures on governments of the developing world have slowed progress on energy access. Geopolitics have also exacerbated problems in an already frail energy economy, causing market volatility, energy price inflation, and disruption to supply chains. These shocks on fuel, fertiliser, and food disproportionately impact countries of the Global South.

How can countries in the developing world collaborate to expand access to affordable energy? What best practices in policy and regulatory design principles exist, and can they be adopted across geographies and tailored to meet the requirements of local communities? What types of training and technical support are necessary to effectively scale up and deploy renewable energy solutions in these regions, and are there success stories we can learn from? What strategies and mechanisms can be and are being deployed to encourage private-sector participation and investment in sub-regional and local energy infrastructure that reaches the last mile?

In Conversation:
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamid Mohina, Chief of the Strategic Planning Sector, Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt
Venu Nuguri, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Energy India & South Asia
Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment, India
Per Heggenes, Chief Executive Officer, IKEA Foundation, Sweden
Isabelle Tschan, Deputy Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme

Ashvin Dayal, Senior Vice President - Power & Climate, The Rockefeller Foundation, United States of America

Closing Remarks:
Sanjeev Krishan, Chairperson, PwC, India