TETD || Funding Of Energy Transition Is The Single Most Important Challenge Facing The Global South

The Energy Transition Dialogue 2023 | Global South Partnerships for Energy Transitions || The countries of the Global South face a delicate balance: they must take forward their transition to sustainable energy systems while continuing to prioritise the development aspirations of their populations. Collaborative initiatives, innovative strategies, and crucial partnerships will become critical to shaping and redefining the world’s energy transition landscape.
What measures can be taken to enhance international cooperation, including partnerships between the public and private sectors, in order to support and advance energy transition initiatives across the Global South? What forms of assistance, such as knowledge sharing, technology transfer, and capacity development, are required to overcome existing obstacles in the pursuit of energy transition goals? How can we guarantee that the solutions we devise actively prioritise inclusivity, sustainability, and popular aspirations in the realm of global energy transitions?

Opening Remarks: 
P.K. Sinha, Senior Advisor, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet, India

In Conversation:
Ajay Mathur, Director General, International Solar Alliance 
Kerryne Z. James, Minister for Climate Resilience, the Environment and Renewable Energy, Grenada
Sanjeev Aggarwal, Chairman, Hexa Climate & Founder, Amplus Solar, India 
Kate Wills, Chief Communication Officer, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet