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The Energy Transition Dialogue 2023 | From Field to Fuel  Towards an Effective Global Biofuels Alliance | 

The formation of the Global Biofuels Alliance reflects the increasing global recognition that biofuels are a crucial element in the energy transition puzzle. This Alliance intends to catalyse global biofuel expansion by fostering increased technology sharing and financing, and is an opportunity to build consensus around a sustainable growth path for biofuels, addressing lingering concerns regarding environmental and social sustainability.

How can biofuels contribute to the broader energy transition? What are the essential factors required to ensure the sustainable growth of biofuels? What are the key priority areas the Global Biofuel Alliance should address? In what ways can the Alliance facilitate enhanced technology sharing, especially for second-generation biofuels?

In Conversation:
Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman, Praj Industries, India
Gauri Singh, Deputy Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency, United Arab Emirates

Reece Cannady, Regional Director - South Asia, U.S. Grains Council