TETD || Big Regulators Have To Work Together To Address Challenges Of Risk In Transition

The Energy Transition Dialogue 2023 || Guiding the Green Wave: The Role of Regulators || The energy landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, driven by technological innovations and shifting consumer preferences. If regulation and policy do not adapt equally swiftly, there is a risk of destablising the big shift to a decentralised and decarbonised energy system. Regulatory authorities are key actors in the energy transition, defining pathways and priorities that align with the common objectives of efficiency, reliability, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

How can banking and market regulation carve out a space for investments that facilitate the green transition, particularly in energy? What are the ways in which regulators can not only support local-level investment in energy access and renewables, but also catalyse the grid-level changes required for a renewable-led future? How can we strengthen institutional capacities to absorb and judiciously utilise as well as allocate capital at scale towards energy transition priorities in India?

In Conversation:

Brij Raj, Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India
Surabhi Gupta, General Manager(Corporation Finance Department), Securities and Exchange Board of India
Arun Goyal, Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, India
Ajay Tyagi, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, India
Ulka Kelkar, Executive Director - Climate Program, World Resources Institute India


Vibhuti Garg, Director, South Asia, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, India