Raisina 2023 | Lessons and Look Ahead: Black Swans and Lighthouses

The world is witnessing the very war it had built institutions to prevent. We have emerged from a pandemic that could have been mitigated had relevant institutions acted quickly and decisively. And our institutions are fumbling in their response to climate change. Mis-steps, mis-assessments, and misunderstandings have defined the better part of this century. From the Global Financial Crisis to today's multiple crises, nations and global institutions are struggling to align strong short-term impulses with longer-term obligations to community, society, and planet.

This panel explores the lessons that can be drawn from this long third decade of the 21st century. What dangers lurk and what opportunities must be seized? What must be discarded, whether institutions or approaches? And what frameworks, partnerships, and ideas must be incentivised and invested in? Who are the actors best placed to do this?