Democratic Dollars: Can the Planet Reclaim the Bretton Woods?

Democratic Dollars: Can the Planet Reclaim the Bretton Woods? | The post-war global financial order, centred on the Bretton Woods institutions, is in urgent need of reform. It is being challenged by new institutions, some of which are based out of Beijing. There are multiple new demands on its capacity, from energy transition to adaptation finance to debt restructuring. It is still struggling to fine-tune its partnership with the private sector. Geopolitical contestation and geopolitical fragmentation have complicated the task of international financial reform: major economies harmonise their economic approach with industrialisation and geopolitical aims, it is important to ensure that progress on development and climate goals is accelerated. Some of these policies now reflect economic fragmentation rather than multilateral cooperation.


N.K. Singh, Chairperson of Fifteenth Finance Commission; Co-Convenor, Expert Group on MDB Reforms, India

Tadashi Maeda, Chairman of the Board, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Japan

Jayant Sinha, Member of Parliament, India

Osamu Yamamoto, Chief Executive Officer, Unison Capital Management Pte. Ltd., Japan

Divyata Ashiya, Trustee, RUSI, United Kingdom


Camilla Fenning, Programme Lead, E3G, United Kingdom