Author : Anita Sengupta

Issue BriefsPublished on May 11, 2023 PDF Download
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Turkey, Syria, and the Islamic State

The Syrian crisis has become a test case for Turkey’s foreign and domestic policy. Determined to find a balance between its global expectations and regional objectives, Turkey aimed towards the downfall of the Assad regime, relying on its strength in the Arab streets and support to rebels to ensure a rapid outcome. This tolerance for the radical opposition in Syria, along with the failure in finding a resolution to the Kurdish issue, has contributed to the spillover of the Syrian conflict into the country. This has been further complicated by shifting patterns in global geopolitics, the fragmentation of the state in Syria and the resultant refugee movement into Turkey, resurgent sectarian interests in the region, and the recognition of the Kurds as the only force capable of confronting the Islamic State. All of this has created undoubtable impact on Turkey’s image, not only in the immediate region but globally.

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