Author : gitanjali sen

Books and MonographsPublished on Jun 08, 2010
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Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The case of Maharashtra

This study explores how the state of Maharashtra has fared in changing its trade-related policies and the implementation, in response to economic reforms during 1991-2007. This includes state-level tax policies, initiatives to attract foreign or domestic investors in the state, export promotion initiatives, and development initiatives affecting business. It also discusses the changing role of business in the state, the bureaucratic mechanism working towards implementation of policies, the role of political parties, and the role of chief minister as a leader in framing and implementing trade-related policies. Two sectoral case studies: one on Automobiles and auto component industry, and another on the Pharmaceutical industry, exhibit how all above factors have worked in Maharashtra in the growth and development of the sectors. The brief policy prescription at the end should assist policymakers, investors, and business houses alike in learning from the past.

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