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Towards a cyber-security roadmap for digital payments

Errata, 16 April 2019

In October 2017, ORF unveiled a primer, based on multistakeholder inputs, outlining key policy questions in safeguarding India’s digital-payments ecosystem. It analysed the sector through two broad prisms, namely, (1) institutions and (2) standards. The primer identifies policy challenges to appropriately define cross-cutting cyber-security concerns at the levels of government, sectoral institutions, market participants and individuals/consumers. Based on the primer, NITI Aayog hosted a roundtable on 9 October 2017. Individuals from the government, industry and civil society participated in the roundtable to formulate a policy roadmap for digital payments and cyber security. This report is an outcome of the aforementioned consultative processes and offers specific recommendations for the way ahead.

Errata, 16 April 2019

Since this report was first published on 12 April 2019, certain corrections have been made in the following: (1) first paragraph, page 43; (2) first paragraph, page 44; and (3) second paragraph, page 44.

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