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The Rise of Global South: New Consensus Wanted


In a world confronted with unprecedented challenges and growing geopolitical rifts, is it time for a reformed and more balanced international order? What are the new propositions by the "Global South"? Are they necessarily at odds with the ones of the 'West"?

Guided by these questions, 2023 marked a milestone for the “Global South” as the BRICS group invited 6 other countries to join the club, and India presided over of the G20 just after Indonesia and before Brazil.

Seeking to answer these questions, the Italian Institute for International Political  Studies (ISPI), the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in India and the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) in Morocco have embarked on the joint endeavor titled the “Annual Trends Report”, involving experts from the three think tanks and beyond. This effort is in the context of a broader trilateral collaboration which also includes the Young Fellows Exchange Program, debates at the flagship events of the three Institutes and a yearly strategic retreat.

Read the volume here.

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