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The Arabian Sea Dialogue Conference Report


The Arabian Sea Dialogue: Connect. Create. Colloborate, March 2023, Observer Research Foundation. 

The historical ties between India and the Gulf region are witnessing an evolutionary change, transcending the traditional economic interests of trade, energy, and employment. The multitude of geopolitical developments within and outside the region are also reshaping the Gulf’s engagement with India and the world.

The pandemic and the heightened geopolitical uncertainty have led to tumult—countries are exploring avenues to transform the crisis into opportunity spurring digital transformation and reconfiguration of supply chains at an unprecedented pace and manner.

It has also led to the reimagination and reorganisation of partnerships, such as the I2U2, Quad, and AUKUS, as countries work towards greater synergy and enhanced cooperation. Given their shared interests, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and India are reenergising and revitalising their historical connections, imparting an unprecedented impetus to the partnership. The renewed dynamism in India-GCC relations has presented an opportunity for India and the GCC countries to engage better for more significant mutual benefit and greater global good.

This scenario formed the backdrop of the 2022 edition of the Arabian Sea Dialogue. The Dialogue brought together policymakers, business leaders, civil society, and the youth of the region to deliberate on a blueprint for an ‘Arabian Sea Community’ to shape and reinvigorate the vibrance, passion, and potential among the peoples of India and the Gulf—provided, nourished, and united by our shared connection, the Arabian Sea.

Read the conference report here.

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