South and Southeast Asia: Responding to Changing Geo-Political and Security Challenges

  • Daljit Singh
  • K.V. Kesavan
  • K. V. Kesavan

The essays in this volume provide Indian and Southeast Asian perspectives on some of the geopolitical and security challenges facing South and Southeast Asia. These include the interests and role of major outside powers in the two regions and the relations between these powers; the trends in Asian regionalism, especially the ASEAN-led regionalism and India's place in it; the growing maritime and naval interests of the two rising Asian powers, China and India; and the impact of climate change. Also addressed are two specific issues of great potential importance for the security calculus of the two regions: the South China Sea and Myanmar.


Publisher ORF-Knowledge World

Editor(s) / Author(s)

Daljit Singh

K.V. Kesavan

K. V. Kesavan