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Raisina Files: Debating the world in the Asian Century

Raisina Files is an annual property of ORF, a collection of essays that engage and provoke readers on key aspects of the changing global order that will implicate an emerging Asia. Each essay stresses how the larger debates playing out around the world are pertinent to Asia as a geography and a pivot in today’s international order. Arguments and analyses presented in this collection, which firmly put India and Asia at the nucleus, will be useful in taking the intellectual discussion forward and enunciating policy suggestions in a rapidly evolving Asian and global context.

The 2017 edition brings together thinkers outside of India to comment ‘looking in’ on themes that traverse a wide terrain: from the economic and security to the developmental and social, The new, emerging nuclear, maritime and outerspace landscapes are discussed; an Asian model of globalisation and the future of jobs debated; security implications of skewed gender ratios and emerging social contract in Asian nations explored; transnational jihad deconstructed; and energy and digital politics scrutinised.


  • Introduction: Finding Asia | Harsh V. Pant and Ritika Passi
  • Is the ‘Asian Century’ over before it has begun? | Michael Auslin
  • Globalisation in the Asian Century | Jonathan Perraton
  • The future of work in Asia | Marc Saxer
  • The emerging social contract in Asia | Jamie Gaskarth
  • Gender and conflict in Asia | Erika Forsberg and Louise Olsson
  • Addressing global jihad in Asia | Prem Mahadevan
  • Exploring transnationalism of jihad | Dounia Mahlouly
  • Energy complexities in Asia | Purnendra Jain
  • The nuclear deterrence dynamic in Asia | Andrew Futter
  • Managing competition in Maritime Asia | Geoffrey Till
  • The Asian space race | Elizabeth Quintana
  • The case for encrypting India | Bhairav Acharya
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Harsh V. Pant

Harsh V. Pant

Professor Harsh V. Pant is Vice President – Studies and Foreign Policy at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. He is a Professor of International Relations ...

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Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi

Ritika Passi works at the intersection of economics and security. Her research focuses on regional connectivity initiatives and power shifts in global economic governance. She ...

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